Marti’s is a southern style restaurant and catering business in Athens, Georgia. It has been around for fifteen years, and while it has become well-established for its catering business, Marti wants to let more people know about the sit-down restaurant aspect of the business. She also wants to start appealing more to the large younger population of Athens. She serves hand-made chicken salad, award winning pimento cheese, sandwiches named after her friends, and many other delicious handmade foods with her own recipes. 
As part of this brand identity redesign, we will create a more updated and appealing look targeting young adults, ages 18-35. Marti’s current audience consists majorly of people ages 50+. Athens is full of an untapped population of college students and young couples. The restaurant location is very close to this high population and should therefore take advantage of this audience and create a brand identity that appeals to this crowd.
Our goal is to portray the home-made, family-oriented feel of Marti’s in a modern, appealing way. She wants to be able to stand up next to her competitors, while remaining unique. Her main goal is to have a brand design that people want to wear and display with t-shirts and stickers. When we first met, she talked about the Mama’s Boy sticker and how she saw it all the time on people laptops. “I want a logo that can be made into a sticker design that goes as viral as that.”
The overarching concept for the new Marti’s at Midday brand identity is a modern twist on her homey southern feel. Hand written fonts contrasted against clean bold lines and colors will be used throughout. The color scheme needs to be changed from the current blue and green, to shades of orange, yellow, and pink that relate more to the homey, cheery vibe Marti wants to portray. There also needs to be an incorporation of psychological color theory, adding colors on the warm side of the color wheel to make people think more about food. There will also be the incorporation of greens to reflect the fresh ingredients she uses. This will create a complementary color scheme, filling a wider range of colors. I will also use more solid, graphic elements and contemporary design to appeal to the younger audience, while using handwritten fonts and distress on the images to keep with the old, southern theme of the restaurant. The logo imagery reflects an image of the sun, playing on the name of the restaurant, “Marti’s at Midday.” The use of full circles and spots of color repeats the shape of the logo throughout the identity creating consistency within the system.
Marti's at Midday Team Awards: "Fan Favorite" and "Most Cohesive Campaign"
Individual Awards: "Best Art Director" and "Most Likely to Have Her Face On A Dollar Bill"

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